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Payment Methods

You can complete your purchase with 3 payment ways. 

1) On Delivery. (FREE shipping  for purchases over 100 € for Greece and 250 € for around the world) 

Pay when you take over the products on your site. Costs 2.25 € (only for Greece)


2)  Bank deposit.

piraeusEUROBANK : GR4602601530000010200837630
Beneficiary Name : ΓΕΩΡΓΙΑ ΓΚΑΝΙΟΥΡΗ

* After completing your order and having chosen payment method bank transfer,  please let us know either via telephone or email, stating the details of your deposit. Since the deposit is confirmed, the order will be sent. 


3)  Through Credit Card. . (Coming Soon)

Handispart.gr cooperates with  Eurobank to offer the best service and security with the redirection system. The details of your card not being stored on our website but in the secured system of Eurobank.



For any questions the other question, please contact us. Contact page.

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